We are so excited to be able to share a workshop with children at Opal House this summer! Michelle is an artist, author, and small business owner passionate about the creative arts as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. We as a team have had a lot of opportunities to help others by volunteering in our local community--we love that God's asked us to take a big step and serve internationally as well. Because, when God says go, you go! Thanks for partnering with us to facilitate the work God wants to do in hearts this June in Guatamala.
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    Sean Carpenter

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    Good luck. Thanks for the awesome efforts to help other people. Keep building relationships, solving problems and having fun

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    Paul Gualtieri

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    Teila Walker

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    The Ultragreen Gang is behind you! We heard about it on The Nice Guys On Business podcast.

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    Strickland Bonner

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    From Doug and Strick, the Nice Guys on Business on behalf of all our Funk N' Fans out there. Thanks for all of your support Tim.

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    Trent Vander Kuyl

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    I’m excited for you to have this awesome opportunity, proud of you!

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    Jennifer Bellinger

    $25.88 / 6 days ago

    Love what you are doing for these children. Art is such a great therapy. Thank you for doing this.

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    Joel Hoover

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    Looking forward to hearing about the good work you are able to do! Joel

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    Margie Schulz

    $51.75 / 10 days ago

    So proud of the 3 of you!! Go be AMAZING!! Love ya, M

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    Paul Kiewiet

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    Amelia Moore

    $103.50 / 14 days ago

    I'm super excited for you all to experience God in this beautiful place! I'm inspired by your step of faith and adventurous spirits!

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    Shelley Sake

    $51.75 / 14 days ago

    Thanks for volunteering Tim Hill! Be the change you wish to see in the world. God bless you all 💜

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    Julie Nathe

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    Jennifer Eberz

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    Aubrey Cocklin

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    Ken Terry

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    Kennedy Houtman

    $103.50 / 16 days ago

    I am so excited for you to go on this journey and help others and grow in your faith and relationships! It’ll be here before you know it!

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    Sandy Suman

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    Christa Martin

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    Good Luck on your journey to help others!

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    Erin Lyon

    $50.00 / 19 days ago

    Excited to hear about all the great things you do! Cheers!

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    $5.18 / 19 days ago

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    Janet McMaster

    $50.00 / 20 days ago

    Good luck and enjoy what I’m sure will be a life changing experience

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    Megan Erber

    $51.75 / 20 days ago

    Good Luck Tim and Michelle while you do GREAT things!!! xoxox

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    Lara Gryder

    $50.00 / 21 days ago

    I wish you both a successful trip and pray for God’s will to be done. It is wonderful that you are doing this. God Bless!

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    James DeBoer

    $100.00 / 21 days ago

    God Bless ya'll it will change you forever

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    Dave Metro

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    Allison Sidote

    $25.00 / 21 days ago

    I can't wait to hear all about your experience. What a fantastic leap of faith you are taking and I'm so proud of you!

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    Kelly O’Brien

    $40.00 / 21 days ago

    So excited for you guys as you take this huge leap of faith and have so much respect for your willingness to serve others in such an impactful way!!

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    Olivia Hill

    $25.88 / 22 days ago

    Love you dad!

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    Tessa Trumble

    $20.70 / 22 days ago


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    Aaron Driscoll

    $10.00 / 22 days ago

About Berkey-Hill

Our Michigan contingent is Tim Hill (but, he'll be quick to tell you he's originally from Tennessee) and Michelle Berkey and her son, Cody are the Tennessee portion of the team.